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Search Basics

IntelliJ IDEA provides numerous ways to find "a needle in a haystack". It is possible to find and replace a string within a file or a scope, or to find usages of a certain symbol.

The IntelliJ IDEA's search facilities are described in the section Searching through the source code. Here you can find a brief outline of the Find Usages feature.

In this section:

Find usages

Find usages helps you quickly find all pieces of code referencing a symbol at the caret, no matter if the symbol is a class, method, field, parameter, or another statement.

Just press Alt+F7 and get a list of references grouped by type of usage, module and file. This feature is fast and gets you the first results almost immediately. More results appear as the IDE finds them.


By default, the results are not grouped by usage type, but you can enable this by clicking the corresponding button on the toolbar of the Find tool window.

Search options

If you want to set custom options for the Find Usages algorithm, press Ctrl+Shift+Alt+F7 or click settings1 in the search results.

Open in new tab

If you want to keep the results of the previous searches, tell the IDE to open new results in a new tab by clicking pin.

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