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When switching from Eclipse to IntelliJ IDEA, getting used to new shortcuts will take some time. IntelliJ IDEA shortcuts are completely different from those in Eclipse. The good news is that once you've done it, your coding efficiency will increase significantly.

To see how the top Eclipse actions (and their shortcuts) are mapped to IntelliJ IDEA, refer to Map of Shortcuts . You may want to print it out to always have it handy.

If you choose a keymap specific to your operating system (Default for Windows/Linux or OS X 10.5+ for OS X), there may be conflicts between shortcuts used in IntelliJ IDEA and your OS. To avoid such conflicts, we recommend tweaking your OS shortcut settings (refer to Keymap for more details).

Eclipse keymap

For Eclipse users who prefer not to learn new shortcuts, IntelliJ IDEA provides the Eclipse keymap which closely mimics its shortcuts:


Find action

When you don't know the shortcut for some action, try using the Find action feature available via Ctrl+Shift+A. Start typing to find an action by its name, see its shortcut, or call it:


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Last modified: 14 July 2015