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Adding a Struts 2 Facet to a Module

When you add the Struts 2 facet to an existing module, IntelliJ IDEA downloads and adds the necessary libraries automatically.

A Struts 2 facet can be created only as a child of a Web facet. If the module has no Web facet, create it first.

This will change the configuration of the module.

To add the dedicated Struts 2 facet to an existing module

  1. Open the Module Settings dialog box.
  2. In the Modules node, right-click the relevant module.
  3. To add a Web facet, choose New from the context menu. In the drop-down list of available facets, select Web.
  4. Right-click the Web Facet node and select New on its context menu.
  5. Select Struts 2 on the context menu of available facets. The right-hand pane displays the Facet Struts 2 dialog.
  6. In the File Sets tab, specify the configuration files to validate.
  7. If some additional libraries are required, the corresponding warning message displays. Click Fix. The necessary libraries will be downloaded and added automatically.

The created Struts 2 configuration file struts.xml is located in the src node.

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Last modified: 10 December 2015