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Inline Dialogs

Refactor | Inline
<context menu of a selection>| Refactor | Inline

Inline Variable dialog

The Inline Variable refactoring allows you to replace a redundant variable with its value. See examples.

To access the Inline Variable dialog box through a menu item or the keyboard shortcut, position the cursor at the variable to be inlined. The dialog box does not contain any controls but just displays the following message:

Inline variable <variable name>? (<the number of variable occurrences>)

Inline to Anonymous Class dialog

All references and remove the classSelect this radio button to replace all the class references with its code and remove the class.
This reference only and keep the classUse this option to replace only the current class reference.
Search in comments and stringsCheck this option to apply the changes to comments and strings.
Search for text occurrencesCheck this option to apply the changes to non-java files (such as documentation, HTML, JSP and other files included in the project).

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Last modified: 10 December 2015