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Language Injection Settings dialog: Java Parameter

File | Settings | Language Injection - Java Parameter

The dialog box opens when you click add.png in the Language Injection page, and choose Java Parameter on the context menu, or select an entry and click properties.gif.

Use this dialog box to configure language Java Parameter Injections. The dialog box provides the ability to make use of IntelliLang's features, if, for any reason, the injection annotations cannot be used. This mainly applies to configuring third party/library methods as well as projects that still have to use Java 1.4.

LanguageIn this area, specify the language to inject and the injection context.
  • ID - from this drop-down list, select the ID of the language to inject.
  • Prefix - in this text box, specify a prefix to make up the injection context.
  • Suffix - in this text box, specify a suffix to make up the injection context.

Note that the Prefix and Suffix fields are optional.

Class NameIn this text box, type the desired class name, possibly using code completion. If necessary, use the Browse button browseButton.png to open the Select Class dialog box, where you can you can locate the desired class in the project tree view. Alternatively, switch to the Search by Name tab and start typing the class name. As you type, the list of available classes narrows down to match your entry.
ParametersThe list box displays the methods of the class specified in the Class Name area with their parameters. To have the selected language injected into arguments passed for a parameter, select the check box next to it.
Advanced In this area, specify additional settings to enable more fine-grained control over the injection process.
  • Value Pattern - in this text box, type a regular expression that determines where to inject the language into.
  • Single File - select this check box to specify an exact file to apply the injection to.

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Last modified: 10 December 2015