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Use this page to specify the location of the Android SDK and the build target, to enable generation of Android-specific artifacts on module creation, and define the properties of the new Android application.

SDK PropertiesUse the controls in this area to configure Android platforms to build the application against and choose the platform to use in the current module.
  • Android Platform - from this drop-down list, select a platform configuration currently available in IntelliJ IDEA. A platform configuration determines the Android SDK to use in development and the target platform to build the application against.
  • New - click this button to open the dialog in which you can select the location of the Android SDK to be used.
  • Edit - click this button to update the current target platform configuration in the Edit Android Platform dialog box that opens.
  • Remove - click this button to remove the selected platform configuration from the list.
  • View Classpath - click this button to view the location of the SDK used in the selected platform configuration.
Application Choose this option to have a module for developing an Android application created.
Library Choose this option to have a module for a library project created. The source code and sources stored in this module can be referenced from other projects.
Test Choose this option to have a module for Android unit tests created.
Project propertiesIn this area, define the settings of the new module depending on the selected module type.
ItemDescriptionAvailable for
Application name In this text box, type the name of the application the new module will implement the libraries will be required for. By default, the field displays the name of the module. Application,
Package name Specify the package name for your application. Note that it's a Java package name that is specified here. For more information, see, for example, Android package name and Naming a package. Application,
Create "Hello, World!" project Select this check box to have a sample application code generated upon module creation. Application
Activity name In this text box, type the title of the window that will appear upon the sample application start.

The text box is available only when the Create "Hello, World!" project check box is selected.

Tested module From this drop-down list, select the module against which the unit tests from the new module will be executed. Test

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Last modified: 13 July 2016