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File | Project Structure | Artifacts
Ctrl+Shift+Alt+S | Artifacts
projectStructure | Artifacts

When you select the Artifacts category in the Project Structure dialog, the list of existing artifact configurations is shown in the element selector pane.

Use the toolbar icons, context menu commands or keyboard shortcuts to manage these configurations.

To view or edit the settings for an artifact, select the artifact of interest, and use the Artifact page to the right of the selector pane.

Toolbar icons, context menu commands and shortcuts

add New Alt+Insert Use this icon, command or shortcut to create a new artifact configuration. Select the desired artifact type.
delete Delete Delete Use this icon, command or shortcut to delete the selected artifact configurations.
find Find Usages Alt+F7 Use this icon, command or shortcut to look for the artifact configurations in which the selected artifact is included. (An artifact can be included in other artifacts.)

Artifact page

Use the Artifact page to configure the artifact layout, to define which activities should be performed after the artifact is built, and, optionally, to enable the use of server-specific validators.

General artifact settings are listed and briefly explained below. More specific settings are available on the following tabs:

Note that the set of tabs depends on the artifact type.

General artifact settings

NameUse this field to edit the name of the artifact configuration.
TypeSelect the artifact type.
Output directory Specify the path to the artifact output directory. Use browseButton (Shift+Enter) to select the directory in the Output Directory for Artifact dialog.

If the artifact is not going to be used on its own but only as a part of other artifacts, the field may may be left empty. In this case the artifact will not appear in the context menu on choosing Build | Build Artifact and no target will be generated for it in build.xml on choosing Build | Generate Ant Build.

Build on makeSelect this check box to have the artifact built upon project make.
Show contents of elementsSelect this check box to show contents of all of the elements (library files, included artifacts, JavaEE facets, and JPA resources). If you want to show only certain categories of elements, click the ellipsis button, and select the desired category in the list.

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Last modified: 13 July 2016