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Captures Tool Window

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This tool window contains a list of system captures you've made when debugging your Android application:

Click a file to open it as a separate tab in the Editor.

Allocation Tracker

IntelliJ IDEA lets you analyse memory allocations that your application uses. In addition to a table view, you can click the android_allocation_tracker_visual icon in the toolbar of the Allocations tab in the Editor to open a visual representation of your application's memory allocations:


When you hover the mouse over a segment on the graph, detailed information on the corresponding allocations appears on the right.

Memory viewer

You can analyze memory snapshots in the native Android .hprof format right in the IntelliJ IDEA Editor:


For more details, refer to Viewing heap usage for a process.

Context menu of a selection

expandAll / collapse_all Expand All / Collapse All Use these commands to collapse/expand all nodes.
Show in Explorer Use this command to open a file browser (e.g. Windows Explorer) and show the selected item there.
Delete Use this command to delete the selected file.

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Last modified: 13 July 2016