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Configuring Artifacts

To produce distribution- or deployment-ready units for your application, you should define and then build one or more artifacts for your project.

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To manage the list of project artifacts

  1. Open the Project Structure settings.
  2. Click Artifacts to open the Artifacts page. The page shows all the artifacts that are available in the project. Manage the list using the toolbar buttons:
    • To create an artifact, click the New button add.png and choose the artifact type (JAR, WAR, EAR, Android, or an exploded directory) in the New drop-down list.
    • To remove an artifact, select it and click the Remove button delete.png.
    • To view a list of artifacts in which the selected artifact is included, click the Find Usages button find.gif.
    • To edit an artifact, select it and update its settings in the Artifact Layout pane that opens.

To configure an artifact

  1. In the list of artifacts, select the one to be configured. Its settings are displayed in the Artifact Layout pane.
  2. Specify the general settings of the artifact.
  3. Complete the artifact definition by following these general steps:

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Last modified: 13 July 2016