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Editing Maven Settings

A project is imported or created according the default Maven integration settings. Further, you can configure the current project in the Maven Integration dialog invoked by the img button. These settings are used on project reopening and synchronizing.

Besides settings that apply to the current project, IntelliJ IDEA provides the possibility to configure the default settings, which apply to all newly created or imported projects. These settings are available in the Maven Integration: Default settings dialog, invoked by the img button, or in the Template Project settings.

To configure the Maven Integration settings

  1. On the toolbar of the Maven Projects tool window, click img button for the current project, or img button for the default settings.
  2. In the Maven page of the Settings dialog, specify the desired options. Refer to the dialog description for details.
  3. Apply changes and close the dialog.

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Last modified: 13 July 2016