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This section describes the fields that are specific for the entity beans.

Abstract Schema NameIn this text box, specify the bean reference name that can be used to call the bean from QL queries.

This field is available for the CMP Entity Beans only.

Primary Key ClassIn this field, specify the class that will be used to access primary key of a datasource the bean is associated with.

This field is available for the CMP and BMP Entity Beans.

ReenterantSelect this check box if you need the bean to handle multiple simultaneous, interleaved, or nested invocations that do not interfere with each other.

This field is available for the CMP and BMP Entity Beans.

CMP fieldsThese fields are available for CMP Entity Beans only.
add.png Insert Click this button to create a new CMP field.
icon_openLocalVersion.png F4 Click this button to change CMP field.
delete.png Delete Click this button to delete selected field with its accessor methods and tags in the deployment descriptor.
help F1 Click this button to show reference page.

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Last modified: 13 July 2016