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EJB Tool Window

View | Tool Windows | EJB

The EJB tool window presents the project structure as a tree where only modules with EJB facets are shown. Below each module node, the corresponding ejb-jar.xml deployment descriptor is shown.

Use this tool window to:

Context Menu

ER Diagram For EJB nodes: use this command to open an ER diagram. (This command is unavailable if there are no entity beans in the selected module.)
Jump to Source (F4) Select this option:
  • To open the selected file in the editor. (To open a file in the editor, you can, alternatively, double-click the file.)
  • To jump to the selected folder in the Project tool window.
New Select this option to create an EJB. Select the necessary bean type in the submenu. The available options are:
  • Stateless Session Bean
  • Stateful Session Bean
  • Singleton Session Bean
  • Message Bean
  • BMP Entity Bean
  • CMP Entity Bean
  • EJB Relationship
  • Interceptor
Apply EJB 3.0 Style Select this option to bring the structure of the beans in the selected module in compliance with the requirements of the EJB 3.0 specification.

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Last modified: 13 July 2016