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Generate toString() Dialog

Code | Generate - toString()

TemplateClick this drop-down list to choose the template to use.
SettingsClick this button to show Generate ToString() Settings Dialog and set up the behavior and templates of the Generate toString() function.
sortAlphabeticallyClick this button to represent the fields in ascending or descending alphabetical order.
classTypeJavaClassClick this button to show classes.
expandAll.pngClick this button to expand all class nodes.
collapseAllClick this button to collapse all class nodes.
Class members tree viewClick the members to be included in the generated toString() method.
Insert @OverrideIf this check box is selected, the generated code is prepended with the annotation @Override.
OKClick this button to generate the toString() method with the specified settings and close the dialog.
Select NoneClick this button to generate the toString() method that consists of the method declaration and return statement only.
CancelClick this button to discard all changes and close the dialog.

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Last modified: 13 July 2016