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Grails Tool Window

View | Tool Windows | Grails

The special Grails tool window shows logical project structure displaying Controllers, Domain classes, Views, etc. as the Grails application elements rather than files and directories. From the Grails view, you can:

  • Gain quick access to the application elements and their contents
  • Navigate between the controller actions and associated views.
  • Edit Groovy scripts from the Scripts directory
icon_scroll_from_source_on_title_bar Click this button to navigate from a file in the Editor that gets the focus, to the corresponding node (file, class, field, method, etc.) in the Project tool window.
img Click this button to collapse all nodes (Ctrl+NumPad -)
viewMode Click this button to open the menu for configuring the current view and changing the tool window viewing modes.
The menu items are options that you can turn on or off. An active item contains a check mark on the left side of its name.
The available options in the menu are as follows:
hideSide Click this button to hide the tool window(Shift+Escape).
When used in combination with the Alt key, clicking this button hides all the tool windows attached to the same tool window bar.

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Last modified: 13 July 2016