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Launching Groovy Shell

IntelliJ IDEA lets you launch a Groovy shell for Groovy projects and Grails applications to evaluate Groovy expressions,define classes and run simple experiments.

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To launch Groovy shell

  1. On the main menu, choose Tools | Groovy Shell.
  2. If your project consists of two modules or more, choose the module to use the classpath of:

    The Groovy shell starts in a separate tab of the Run tool window:

To use Groovy shell

  • Type code in the console after the prompt character, or just paste from the editor tab.

    Note that coding assistance is available, as you type (code completion and error highlighting):

  • Click runBuild, or press Ctrl+Enter to execute the entered code.
  • To start a new line, press Enter.
  • Use up and down arrow keys to navigate through the history of commands. Depth of the history is defined by the Console commands history size in the Editor settings.
  • Use the basic and advanced editor shortcuts. In particular, you can jump to declaration of a symbol, if you place the caret at the symbol name, and press Ctrl+B. Alternatively, keep the Ctrl key pressed, and hover your mouse pointer over the reference to a symbol. So doing, brief information appears at the tooltip, and the reference turns to a hyperlink, which allows you to jump to the declaration in the source code.

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Last modified: 13 July 2016