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Pre-Processing Tab

File | Project Structure | Artifacts
Ctrl+Shift+Alt+S | Artifacts
projectStructure | Artifacts

In this tab, specify the additional activities to be preformed before the artifact is built.

Run Ant TargetSelect this check box to have an Ant target executed before building the artifact.
browseButton.png Click this button to open the Choose Ant Target dialog box, where you can select the And target to run. Note that Ant build file should be added to your project.
PropertiesThe table in this area specifies the properties that will be passed to the Ant target selected above.

If you have to perform similar actions for the various artifacts, you don't need to create individual Ant targets for each one. Instead, in the Properties table, you can specify the properties; in the different artifacts, you can specify the different values for these properties.

The first property, which is defined by default, is artifact.output.path. This property is pre-defined, and not editable; its value is taken from the artifact setting.

The other properties are defined by the user, and can take any relevant string values.

addClick this button to create a new editable line in the Properties table. Specify the property name and value.
deleteClick this button to delete the current entry from the Properties table.

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Last modified: 13 July 2016