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Rename Entity Bean

EJB Tool Window | context menu of an entity bean | Jump to Source

This dialog box opens when you click Rename EJB and Classes in the EJB Classes section.

Use the dialog box to rename an entity EJB and/or the classes that implement it.

<ejb-name>Type the basic name that will be used to generate the names of the entity EJB constituent classes. The rules for generating EJB names are configured in the Java EE Names settings tab.
Abstract Schema NameType the name of the abstract scheme that CMP will use to map to the physical database.
RefactorClick this button to update the EJB deployment descriptor ejb-jar.xml according to the changes made in the fields above. The Rename Entity Beans Classes dialog box opens where you can specify which of the EJB constituent classes must be renamed.
PreviewClick this button to open the Refactoring Preview window with all the occurrences of the EJB constituent classes.

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Last modified: 13 July 2016