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Annotation Processors Support

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If you use some custom annotation processors in your project to generate sources and files, validate code and produce warnings, IntelliJ IDEA enables you to easily invoke these processors as a part of the compilation process.

IntelliJ IDEA allows you to:

  • Obtain annotation processors right from the project classpath, or from the specified location.
  • Adjust the set of modules which should be covered by annotation processing of a certain profile.
  • Store annotation processing results relative to the specified location.
  • Perform annotation processing.

When processing annotations is enabled, the annotations are processed by the compiler in course of compilation.

Annotation profiles

Annotation processing is performed on the base of the annotation profiles.

A profile is a set of configuration options for annotation processing (use of the annotation processor, location of the annotation processing output, specific annotation processors and their parameters).

The default profile always exists. All the modules comprising a project by default use this profile. When new profiles are created, modules can be associated with them. Thus, several modules can be grouped to use one type of annotation processing.

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Last modified: 21 March 2017