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Enable Web Services Support Dialog

Tools | Web Services | Enable Web Service Support

In this dialog box, enable support of a particular implementation to develop the server or the client side of a Web service. The dialog box allows for more flexible configuring of Web service development support by choosing a specific platform version to be used. You can also specify whether you need to have a sample class created or not.

Choose ModuleFrom this drop-down list, select the module to enable Web service or Web service client development in.

The drop-down list contains only modules with Web development support enabled.

TypeFrom this drop-down list, select the Web service side to enable support of. The avaialble options are:
  • Server
  • Client
Web Service PlatformFrom this drop-down list, select the Web service platform to use in development.
Add Sample CodeSelect this check box to have a sample class generated.
StatusView the information in this read-only field to track and improve discrepancies when configuring the code generation procedure.

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Last modified: 21 March 2017