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Gradle Page

Use this page to specify Gradle settings for your project.

Use auto-importSelect this check box to resolve all the changes made to the Gradle project automatically every time you refresh your project.
Create directories for empty content roots automaticallySelect this check box to create the default directory structure for a Gradle project, e.g. /src/main/java and /src/test/java.
Create separate module per source setSelect this check box to use the source set feature in resolving your Gradle projects.
Use default gradle wrapper (recommended)Select this option to use Gradle wrapper. Using Gradle wrapper lets you get automatic Gradle download for the build. It also lets you build with the precise Gradle version.
Use gradle wrapper task configurationSelect this option to use Gradle wrapper customization in script.
Use local gradle distributionSelect this option to run local build scripts.
Gradle homeUse this field to specify the fully qualified path to your Gradle installation. This field becomes active when you select Use local gradle distribution.

If Gradle location has been defined by the environment variables GRADLE_HOME or PATH, then IntelliJ IDEA deduces this location, and suggests this path as the default value.

If Gradle location has not been deduced from the environment variables, specify it manually, or click the Browse button, and select the desired directory in the dialog that opens. Note that the value entered in this field takes precedence over the environment variables.

Gradle JVMUse this drop-down list to specify JVM under which IntelliJ IDEA will run Gradle when you import the specified Gradle project and when you execute its tasks.

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Last modified: 21 March 2017