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Import from Maven. Page 1

Use this page to specify the import preferences. The default import settings are defined in the Maven Integration dialog.

Root directorySpecify the directory where the Maven projects you want to import are located.
Search for projects recursivelySelect this check box to make import look for the nested pom.xml files.
Project formatSelect the format in which you want to store your project. For the details on the two available formats, refer to the Project section.
Keep project files in Select this check box to specify the desired location for storing project and module files.
Import Maven projects automaticallySelect this check box if you want IntelliJ IDEA to perform reimport automatically each time you change your pom.xml.
Create IntelliJ IDEA modules for aggregator projects (with 'pom' packaging)Clear this check box to skip creating IntelliJ IDEA modules. You might want to do that if the Maven project you import is an aggregator, and its packaging element has the value pom.
Create module groups for multi-module Maven projectsIf this check box is selected, IntelliJ IDEA will create a module group from an aggregative Maven project, with the nested modules included in this group.
Keep source and test folders on reimportIf this check box is selected, the source and test folders are kept when you reimport a project.
Exclude build directory
Clear this check box to disable the automatic exclusion of target folders.

Note if a /target directory contains /target/generated-sources, then the /target directory cannot be excluded since /target/generated-sources directory is marked as sources. Other subdirectories in the /target directory are excluded.

Use Maven output directoriesIf this check box is not selected, the build is created in the regular IntelliJ IDEA's output directory USER_HOME\IdeaProjects\<project>\classes\Production\.
If this check box is selected, the build is generated in the Maven's output directory, and the results of IntelliJ IDEA's compilation are reused. However, IntelliJ IDEA itself does not reuse Maven build results and performs compilation from scratch.
Generated sources foldersSpecify the directory of your source root when you reimport a project.
You can select one of the following options:
  • Detect automatically This is a default option. When you select this option, IntelliJ IDEA automatically detects the location of the generated sources. IntelliJ IDEA also detects which directory to mark as a source root.

    Note that IntelliJ IDEA searches for the generated sources only in target/generated-sources and target/generated-sources/* directories.

  • target/generated-sources This option enables you to mark the directory as a source root manually.
  • subdirectories of "target/generated-sources" This option enables you to mark a subdirectory as a source root manually.
Phase to be used for folders updateSelect Maven phase to be used for folders update. This might be useful if you adjust your plugins so that the additional sources are loaded at some phase.
Automatically downloadSpecify the automatic download of sources and documentation comments into a local repository when you open a Maven project.
You can select one or both of the following check boxes:
  • Sources
  • Documentation
Dependency typesUse this field to specify dependency types that you want to include in your import.
Environment settingsClick this button to specify Maven Environment settings.

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Last modified: 21 March 2017