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File | Settings | Version Control | ClearCase for Windows and Linux
IntelliJ IDEA | Preferences | Version Control | ClearCase for macOS

Use this page to specify the version control settings to be applied to the directories of your project that are under ClearCase control.

Work Offline (on edit: hijack instead of checkout)Select this check box to enable putting your work on another branch (work "offline") and editing a file without checking it out.

When this option is selected, IntelliJ IDEA does not check out new files, but simply clears ReadOnly status of the files. The modified files get Hijacked status. Note that working offline makes sense in snapshot views only. Performing certain operation offline in dynamic views (for example, renaming or moving) can produce undesirable results.

Reserved CheckoutsSelect this check box to specify that only one person at a time can check out an element "reserved".
Check out automatically hijacked file on check inSelect this check box to have IntelliJ IDEA automatically check out "hijacked" files (files that you modified without previously checking out) on check in.

When the user checks in a file with the hijacked status, the file is treated as follows:

  • If the check box is selected, the file is reverted. ClearCase saves file content in a temporary location, checks the file out, restores its content, and checks the file in.
  • If the check box is cleared, IntelliJ IDEA does not process the hijacked files automatically. It is the user's responsibility to apply the Update command and process the hijacked files.

You can do the following with a hijacked file: check it out, modify as required, check in changes when ready, and undo the hijack. All actions are available from the Update dialog.

Use UCM modelWith this option turned on, IntelliJ IDEA emulates ClearCase' activities with its own changelists. Creating and committing changelists leads to creation of the ClearCase activities and committing into these activities. When working with Base ClearCase views, this option is turned off automatically.
Synchronize activities on refreshSelect this check box to have your activities synchronized on refresh.
Use "-identical" switch during check inSelect this check box to have unchanged files checked in as well.
Restrict history recordsSelect this check box to restrict the number of stored history records. When showing the history for a file, IntelliJ IDEA retrieves at most the number of records from the history, specified in the text field.
SCR text fileIn this text box, specify the fully qualified name of the scr file.

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Last modified: 18 July 2017