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Cloning a Repository from GitHub

Besides the standard procedure for cloning a remote repository, IntelliJ IDEA provides facilities to clone a repository located on the GitHub remote storage.

To clone a repository from the GitHub storage

  1. Choose VCS | Checkout from Version Control | GitHub on the main menu. IntelliJ IDEA establishes connection with GitHub using the login and password you registered. Upon establishing connection, the Select Git Hub Repository to Clone dialog box opens.
  2. From the Repository drop-down list, select the source repository to clone the data from.
  3. To view the details and description of the selected repository in the browser, click the Details on <repository name> here link.
  4. In the Folder text box, specify the directory where the local repository for cloned sources will be set up. Type the path to the directory manually or click the Browse button browseButton.png and choose the desired directory in the Select project destination folder dialog box that opens.
  5. In the Project name text box, specify the name of the project to be created based on the cloned sources.
  6. Click the Clone button to start cloning the sources from the specified remote repository.

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Last modified: 18 July 2017