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Components Treeview

This treeview displays the components contained in the design form and enables you to navigate to and select one or more components. Selection of one or more components here is reflected in parallel on the design form and vice versa as shown in the following figure:


The treeview hierarchy represents containment. Expandable nodes represent some type of container. Sub-nodes of containers represent UI components (including nested containers). The root node represents the Form, which is, in effect, the top-level container for the GUI you are building with the GUI Designer. When you create a new Form, a JPanel component is automatically added to the Form Workspace and it appears as a child of the Form in the Component Treeview. This JPanel is the top of the UI component hierarchy (in the Java sense) for the current Form. All other Swing or other UI components are contained by it, as the next figure illustrates:


It is possible to move components from one container to another using drag-and-drop operation in the Component Treeview:


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Last modified: 18 July 2017