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Registering GitHub Account in IntelliJ IDEA

To retrieve data from GitHub repositories and share your projects in right from IntelliJ IDEA, you need to register your GitHub account credentials in the IDE. You can also create an account on the GitHub free hosting without leaving IntelliJ IDEA.

In either case, IntelliJ IDEA remembers the login and password so you do not need to specify them while retrieving or uploading data.

To register GitHub account credentials

  1. Open the IDE Settings and click GitHub.
  2. On the GitHub page that opens, select the type of authentication that you want to use from the Auth Type drop-down list. The following options are available:
    • Password. If this option is selected and you have two-factor authentication enabled in your GitHub account settings, you will be asked to enter an authentication code each time IntelliJ IDEA requires you to log in to your GitHub account.
    • Token (recommended by GitHub for authentication from third-party applications, as it does not require IntelliJ IDEA to remember your password).
  3. Specify the credentials depending on the selected authentication type and click OK.

To create a GitHub account from IntelliJ IDEA

  1. Open the IDE Settings and click GitHub.
  2. On the GitHub page that opens, click the Sign up link.
  3. On the Sign up for GitHub page that opens in the browser, choose the account plan (free or paid) and specify the requested information. When you are through with creating the account, the GitHub Welcome Page is displayed.

    Free accounts do not support private repositories. Private repositories are available only for you, for other users even READ access is prohibited.

  4. Return to the GitHub page and specify your GitHub account credentials in the Login and Password text boxes and click OK.

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Last modified: 18 July 2017