IntelliJ IDEA 2017.1 Help


Use this page to configure Scala settings for your project.


Use this tab to configure settings for editor in Scala.

Show type info on mouse hover after, msUse this field to invoke Show Type Info action on a mouse hover after the specified time in the editor.
HighlightingUse this area configure how your code is highlighted in the editor. You can select from the following options:
  • Highlight methods added via implicit conversion in code completion dialog- if you select this check box, IntelliJ IDEA highlights methods that are added via implicit conversions with a grey underline.
  • Highlight arguments to by-name parameters
    • Include block expressions
    • Include literals
  • Collection type highlighting - select this check box to highlight imports with prefixes.
AutocompleteUse this area to configure settings for the autocomplete action.
Ahead-of-time completion (parameter and variables names)Select this check box to invoke autocompletion for both the name and the type before actually adding a type reference.
Use Scala classes priority over Java classesSelect this check box if you want IntelliJ IDEA to invoke the code completion for Scala classes before Java classes.
Code ConversionUse this area to configure editor settings for converting Java code to Scala code automatically. The following options are available:
  • Convert Java code to Scala on copy-paste - select this check box to convert a code from Java files to Scala when you perform a copy-paste action. In this case IntelliJ IDEA displays Convert code from Java dialog.
  • Don't show on paste and automatically convert to Scala code - select this check box if you want to perform code conversion automatically without showing the Convert code from Java dialog.


Implicit parameters search depth (-1 for none)
Search all symbols (include locals)
Resolve to all classes, even in wrong directories (this may cause performance problems)
Disable parsing of documentation comments. This may improve editor performance for very large files .(SCL-2900)
Disable language injection in Scala files (injected language may freeze typing with auto pop-up completion)
Don't cache compound types (use it in case of big pauses in GC)
Use old implicit conversion search algorithm


Output cutoff limit, linesUse this field to set a line limit to the output of your worksheet's results.
Run worksheet in the compiler processSelect this check box if you want to run work sheet inside the Scala compile server.
Run worksheet in the interactive modeSelect this check box to display the code results automatically.
Use eclipse compatibility modeIn this case all statements inside the object are included in the worksheet's output.

Base packages

Use this tab to specify base packages.


Scala Test default super class
Language injection settings for interpolated strings


Plugin update channelUse this field to update the Scala plugin. You can choose to download either EAP, Release or Nightly version. As soon as the specified version is available, IntelliJ IDEA will display an appropriate notification.
Last modified: 18 July 2017