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Adding Build File to Project

A build file should be added to a project to enable running the build, filtering targets, or defining properties. One project can have several build files. The build files are grouped in the Ant Build tool window by names, specified in the root element of each build file, for example <project name="acme">.

When a build file is generated, it is automatically added to the project. If you create a build file manually, or reuse an existing one, you might need to add it to the Ant Build Tool Window.

Adding a build file to a project

  1. Open the Ant Build Tool Window. To do that, choose View | Ant Build on the main menu, or click the Ant Build button in the right toolbar of the tool windows.
  2. In the Ant Build tool window, click new.
  3. In the Select Path dialog, navigate to the desired build.xml file, and click OK.

    A build file should have at least a root element to be added to the Ant Build tool window.

Last modified: 29 November 2017

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