IntelliJ IDEA 2017.2 Help

Advanced Editing

FunctionShortcutUse this shortcut to...
Comment with Line Comment Ctrl+Slash Comment/uncomment current line or selected block with line comments.
Comment with Block Comment Ctrl+Shift+Slash Comment/uncomment code with block comments.
Quick Documentation Ctrl+Q/Alt+Button2 Click Show a pop-up window with the documentation for the symbol at the caret.
Show Table Data Ctrl+Q Show a pop-up window that displays the create table query for the database table at the caret and the first 10 rows of the table.
Pop-up Hector Ctrl+Shift+Alt+H Show the Highlighting level pop-up window to configure highlighting in the current file.
Parameter Info Ctrl+P Show parameters of the method call at the caret.
Context Info Alt+Q Show the current method or class declaration when it is not visible.
Error Description Ctrl+F1 Show an error or warning description at the caret.
External Documentation Shift+F1 Open browser with the documentation for the selected item.
Override Methods... Ctrl+O Override base class methods in the current class.
Implement Methods... Ctrl+I Override base interface/class methods in the current class.
Surround with... Ctrl+Alt+T Surround selected code fragment with if, do, tags or other constructs.

In the GUI Designer, use this shortcut to wrap selected components into a container.

Generate Alt+Insert Generate constructors, accessor methods, EJB components, Maven dependencies in the pom.xml files, using the Generate pop-up menu.
Basic Code Completion Ctrl+Space
Code completion for any class, method or variable.
SmartType Code Completion Ctrl+Shift+Space Code Completion filtering the lookup list basing on expected type.
Expand Word Alt+Slash Goes through the names of classes, methods, keywords and variables in the current visibility scope.
Insert Live Template... Ctrl+J Show a pop-up list of starting with a specified prefix.
Surround with Live Template... Ctrl+Alt+J Surround the selection with one of the templates.
Next Template Variable Tab In templates: move the caret to the next template variable.
Previous Template Variable Shift+Tab In templates: move the caret to the previous template variable.
Last modified: 29 November 2017

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