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This feature is supported in the Ultimate edition only.

Auto-completion makes template editing much faster. Loomy extends this feature introducing lot's of Tapestry specific completions.

This section covers the following features:

Component Tags Auto-Completion

When editing your template you can take advantage of the auto-completion feature to help you insert a component using both types of possible annotations for that:

  • Invisible Instrumentation

    Just use the auto-completion feature on the t:type attribute value.

    tapestry completeinv
  • Component Tag

    Just use the auto-completion feature on the tag name where you want to insert the component.

    tapestry complete

Component Parameters Auto-Completion

Component tags have additional parameters that don't conform to the HTML standard and so the default auto-completion won't help you. This plugin extends the auto-completion feature adding the Tapestry component parameters to the list of possible tag parameters.

tapestry completeparameter

Parameters Values Auto-completion

Auto-completion of property binding is available so you can save lot's of time navigating from template to class.

  • Page parameter of the PageLink component
    tapestry valueparameter
  • Boolean parameters
    tapestry booleanparameter
  • Simple properties
    tapestry parameterprefixprop
  • Composed properties
Last modified: 29 November 2017