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Choose Device Dialog

Run | Run
Run | Debug

This dialog box opens when you start a run or a debug session with the manual selection of the target device specified in the run/debug configuration (i.e. the Show chooser dialog option is selected in the Run/Debug Configuration: Android Application dialog). It shows the list of all currently running devices, both physical and virtual.

Use this dialog box to appoint a running device, or to launch a virtual device.

Choose a running deviceSelect this option to choose a running device from the list below. The following information is provided on each device:
  • Device: the device name.
  • Serial Number: the device serial number assigned to it by the manufacturer.
  • State: the device current state (Online or Offline).
  • Compatible: shows whether the device is compatible with the application settings.
Launch emulatorSelect this option to launch a virtual Android device. To create a new device, click the Browse button to launch the Android Virtual Device Manager.
Use same device for future launchesSelect this checkbox to use the selected device for the future run and debug sessions.
Last modified: 29 November 2017

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