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Data Views

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IntelliJ IDEA | Preferences | Tools | Database | Data Views for macOS

The settings on this page define how table data are shown and modified in your database, Hibernate and JPA consoles, and data editors.

Item Description
Result set page size The number of table rows to be shown at a time, on one "page". Here is an example when this number is set to 2:

If you don't want to limit the number of rows displayed simultaneously, specify zero (0).

Result set prefetch size Data from databases are retrieved in chunks. The number in this field defines the number of rows in such chunks.

A bigger number means fewer IDE - DB round trips but more memory for storing a chunk.

Filter history size The number of most recently used filtering conditions to memorize for a table in a data editor. Here is an example when this number is set to 2. (The filter history box contains two most recently used conditions.)
Max LOB length (bytes) The maximum size of a binary large object to be loaded in bytes.
Data Modification / Submit changes immediately When this options is off, the changes you make to data in a table are accumulated in IntelliJ IDEA unless you carry out the Submit command (iconDBSubmit on the toolbar, Submit in the context menu or Ctrl+Enter). Before you submit the changes, you can revert them (Revert in the context menu or Ctrl+Z).

When this option is on, the changes are submitted right away.

See Submitting and reverting changes.

Last modified: 29 November 2017