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Defining Ant Execution Options

Using the Build File Properties dialog, you can control how IntelliJ IDEA launches the Ant build process. In particular, you can define which version of Ant should be used, add command line arguments, and specify the SDK to be used for running Ant.

Defining execution options

  1. Open the Build File Properties dialog box.
  2. Select the Execution tab.
  3. In the Run With Ant section, specify whether you want to use project default or custom Ant version. If you want to use custom Ant version rather than the bundled one, select it from the drop-down list, or click the ellipsis button and configure Ant by adding classpaths.
  4. In the Ant command line field, type the command line arguments, using the standard Ant syntax: precede arguments with dashes, and separate with spaces. For the lengthy command lines, click editorIcon and type the text in the Ant Command Line dialog.
  5. In the Run under JDK field, specify a SDK to be used for Ant process: select the SDK from the list, or click the ellipsis button and configure an individual SDK.
Last modified: 29 November 2017

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