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Deployment Console

This console shows which of the configured and marked for deployment artifacts are successfully deployed and which are not. Use the console to deploy and undeploy artifacts and configure their execution on the server.

ItemTooltip and ShortcutDescription
deploymentConsoleArtifactDeployedSuccessfully Artifact is deployed successfully This icon next to an artifact indicates that the artifact has been successfully deployed to the server.
deploymentConsoleArtifactNotDeployed Artifact is not deployed This icon next to an artifact indicates that the artifact has not been deployed to the server yet or has been undeployed from the server.
deploymentConsoleDeployAll Deploy All Click this button to have IntelliJ IDEA deploy all the artifacts from the list of items to be deployed in the Deployment tab of the Run/Debug Configuration dialog box.
deploymentConsoleUnDeploy Undeploy Click this button to have the selected artifact undeployed from the server.
refresh Ctrl+F5
Refresh Deployment Status
Click this button to synchronize the deployment status indications for artifacts with the server.
update_resources_on_frame_deactivation_icon.png Update Resources On Frame Deactivation Click this button if you want the application to be updated automatically when you switch from IntelliJ IDEA to a different application. (Switching to a different application is referred to as frame deactivation.)

This button is a toggle that turns the corresponding option on or off. If enabled, the application assets to be updated are defined by the current setting of the On frame deactivation option in the active run/debug configuration.

Note that by changing the state of the button you also change the setting of On frame deactivation in the current run/debug configuration. For example, if you disable the button, the setting changes to Do nothing.

Last modified: 29 November 2017

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