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Generify Dialog

Refactor | Generify

Drop obsolete castsIf this option is checked, IntelliJ IDEA analyzes whether the parameter cast cases are changed by refactoring. If the resulting parameter type is similar to the obsolete one, the cast statement is removed.
Leave Object-parameterized types rawCheck this option to make objects, that have java.lang.Object as a parameter, raw.
Perform exhaustive searchCheck this option to perform search in all nodes.
Generify ObjectsCheck this option to transform the java.lang.Object objects into the type, they are actually used for.
Produce wildcard typesCheck this option to produce wildcard types where possible (expressions like List<? extends String>).
Preserve raw arraysIf this check box is selected, the arrays are not changed to the arrays with parameterized types. Otherwise, the arrays will be transformed to parameterized type.

Clearing this check box can be risky and result in uncompilable code.

Last modified: 29 November 2017

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