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Move Members Dialog

Refactor | Move

Move Member refactoring dialog box is invoked for static members selected in the Structure view, or in the editor.

Move members fromThis read-only field displays the fully qualified name of the source class containing members to be moved.
To (fully qualified name)Specify the fully qualified name of the target class.
Move as enum constant if possible This option is useful when moving constants (static final fields) to an enum type in cases when the enum type has a constructor with one parameter of the suitable type.

Say, we are moving MOUSE_EVENT from the class Events

class Events { public static final String MOUSE_EVENT = "mouseEvent"; }

to the enum ActionType

enum ActionType { ; String typeName; ActionType(String name) { typeName = name; } }

If the option is on, we'll get the following result:

enum ActionType { MOUSE_EVENT("mouseEvent"); String typeName; ... }

If the option is off, the result will be:

enum ActionType { ; public static final String MOUSE_EVENT = "mouseEvent"; String typeName; ... }
Members to be moved (static only)This table shows all static members detected in the specified class. Select check boxes next to the members you want to move.
VisibilitySpecify visibility level. You can either specify it explicitly, or select Escalate to automatically raise it to a necessary level.
Last modified: 29 November 2017

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