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New Resource File Dialog

Project Tool Window | context menu of the res folder | New | Android resource file

Use this dialog box to create a resource file for your Android project.

File nameIn this text box, specify the name for the new resource definition file.
Resource typeFrom this drop-down list, select the application resource type.

You can scroll through the list of resource types right from the File name text box by using the Up and Down keyboard keys.

Root elementThis field is populated automatically depending on the selected resource type.
Directory nameIn this text box, specify the folder where application resources will be stored.

IntelliJ IDEA can automatically compose folder name based on the resource type and the qualifier you select. For details, refer to Creating Resources.

Available qualifiers From this list, select the resource qualifiers that determine a specific device configuration. Select the relevant qualifier and click icon InsertReplace. Then specify the value of the qualifier in the dialog box that opens. The qualifier is added to the Chosen qualifiers list.
Last modified: 29 November 2017

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