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Open Task Dialog

Tools | Task | Open Tasknew

Tools | Task | Switch Task - Open Tasknew

Tasks combo on the main toolbar | Open Task new


Use this dialog box to create a new task or specify the name of an existing task to open. Optionally, specify whether the IntelliJ IDEA's behavior related to opening or creating a task, changes.

On this page:

Suggestion list

Enter task nameIn this text box, type the name of the new task or the name of an existing task to open.
Include closed tasksSelect this check box to include closed tasks into the suggestion list.
settingsClick this button to open the page of the Settings dialog box.

Open Task dialog

Open task: <task name>This read-only field shows the name of the task selected from the suggestion list.
Update issue stateSelect this check box to choose the task state from the drop-down list:
open task state

If this check box is not selected, the drop-down list is disabled.

Clear current contextSelect this check box to have the context associated with the current task cleared, when the new/selected task is opened.
VCS operations

This section only appears in the dialog box, when version control is enabled in your project.

Create branch <branch name> from <base branch name>Select this check box to create a new branch from the existing one.
Use branchSelect this check box to use the existing branch.
Create changelistSelect this check box to have IntelliJ IDEA create a new changelist for the specified task.

By default, the text field shows the issue tracker item's description.

Last modified: 29 November 2017