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Problems Tool Window

This tool window is activated automatically if the Make project automatically option is enabled in Compiler settings. IntelliJ IDEA automatically compiles the project each time project files change on your disk (for example on save or autosave, or when you get the latest project revision from your version control system) and, if any problems are detected, they are displayed in the Problems tool window.

The Problems tool window only displays compiler errors that occurred as the result of the automatic make operation. On each automake, the list is updated with new errors, and old errors are deleted. Note that if automake is enabled, and you launch the make operation manually, the errors from this operation will also be displayed in the Problems tool window as well as in the Messages tool window.


ItemTooltip and shortcutDescription
arrowUpPrevious message Ctrl+Alt+Up Click this button to jump to the previous message.
arrowDown Next Message Ctrl+Alt+Down Click this button to jump to the next message.
exportToTextFileExport to Text File Alt+OClick this button if you want to export the contents of the tool window to a text file. Specify the name of the target file in the dialog that opens, and click Save.
icon helpHelpClick this button to open IntelliJ IDEA help.
Expand all
Ctrl+NumPad Plus
Collapse all
Ctrl+NumPad -
Use these buttons to have all nodes expanded or collapsed.
autoScrollToSourceAutoscroll to SourceIf this option is enabled, when you select a message in the Problems tool window, the focus in the editor automatically switches to the corresponding line in the source code.
settingsCompiler PropertiesClick this button to open compiler settings.
Last modified: 29 November 2017

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