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Setting Configuration Options

Configuration options include VM settings, arguments that should be passed to the program, working directory, classpath and SDK. Refer to the Run/Debug Configuration dialog for detailed description of the fields.

To define Configuration options of a run/debug configuration

  1. Click Configuration tab of the Edit Run/Debug Configurationdialog.
  2. In the Main class field, specify the class that contains the main() method. To do that, type the fully qualified name manually, or click the ellipsis button and select the desired class from the Choose Main Class dialog.
    In the Choose Main Class dialog, you can locate the desired class using one of the following ways:
    • Click the Project tab, and select class with the main() method from the project tree view.
    • Click the Search by Name tab and start typing the class name. As you type, the list of available classes narrows down to match your entry.
    Click OK, or press Enter when ready.
  3. In the VM options field, type optional VM arguments, for example the heap size, garbage collection options, file encoding, etc. If the line of VM arguments is too long, click editorIcon and type the text in the editor dialog.
  4. In the Program parameters field, type optional list of parameters that should be passed to the main() method through the array of its arguments.
  5. In the Working directory field, specify the current directory that your application will use while running.
  6. In the Use classpath and SDK of module field, select the desired module from the list of modules existing in the project.
Last modified: 29 November 2017

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