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classTypeJavaClass Class
classTypeAbstract Abstract class
classGroovyClass Groovy class
classTypeAnnot Annotation
classTypeEnum Enumeration
classTypeException Exception
classTypeFinal Final Java class
classTypeInterface Interface
classTypeMain Java class that contains declaration of the main() method.
classTypeTestCase Test case
classTypeJavaOutOfSourceRoot Java class located out of the source root. Refer to the section Configuring Content Roots for details.
excludeFromCompilation.png Java class excluded from compilation.
phpTrait PHP trait
method Method
method abstractAbstract method
field Field
variable Variable
property Property
property yellow Parameter
xml element Element
folder Directory
groupOfModulesGroup of modules
iconPackage Package
root_Source.png Source root
root_Test.png Test root
root Excluded Excluded root
rootTestResourceIJTest resources
rootGeneratedSourceIJGenerated source roots
rootGeneratedTestSourceIJGenerated test source roots
Visibility modifiers
lockedRead-only class, e.g. from a jar of an external library.
package_protected.pngpackage protected
staticMark static

Data Sources

DataSource DB data source. Also, DBMS-specific icons are used:
DBReadonly DB data source with the read-only status, e.g. DBReadonlyDB2 for Derby.
icon DDLDataSource DDL data source
dataSchema Schema
DataTables Table
dataView View
dataColumn Column
dataColumnNotNull A NOT NULL column
dataPkColumn.png Column with a primary key
dataFkColumn.png Column with a foreign key
dataIndexedColumn.png Column with an index
dataPrimaryKey Primary key
dataForeignKey Foreign key
dataIndex Index
dataTrigger Trigger
dataFunction Stored procedure or function
Last modified: 29 November 2017

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