IntelliJ IDEA 2017.3 Help

Configuring General VCS Settings

General version control settings apply to all version control systems integrated with IntelliJ IDEA. General settings are specified on the Version Control page of the Settings dialog box, and include defining actions that require confirmation, background operations, ignored files, issue navigation, and depth of history.

To configure general version control settings, follow these general steps

  1. Press Ctrl+Alt+S or choose File | Settings (for Windows and Linux) or IntelliJ IDEA | Preferences (for macOS) on the main menu, and then go to Version Control.
  2. Specify which version control related actions should require confirmation.
  3. Specify which operations should be performed in the background.
  4. Create a list of files to be ignored by version control systems.
  5. Configure history cache handling.
  6. Define issue navigation rules to switch from check-in comments to corresponding issues in a bug tracking system.
Last modified: 6 March 2018

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