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Dependencies tab

Use this tab to configure the build configuration build path (the build configuration dependencies).

Flex/AIR SDKThe Flex or AIR SDK associated with the build configuration.

Select the SDK from the list or click New and select the folder containing the necessary SDK in the dialog that opens.

To edit the current SDK, click Edit. (The SDK page of the Project Structure dialog will open.)

Note that the necessary SWCs from the specified SDK are selected automatically depending on the build configuration type.

Target playerFor the Web target platform only: the version of Flash player the build configuration output is intended for.

If the SDK includes more than one player version, you can choose which of the corresponding SWCs should be used.

Component set For Flex framework-based build configurations (the Web and Desktop output types only): select the Flex 4 component set or sets:
  • Spark + MX. Select this option to be able to use the Spark and MX components (SWCs) available in the SDK.
  • Spark only. The names of this and the following option are self-explanatory.
  • MX only.

Note how the list of dependencies changes depending on your selection.

Framework linkage For Flex framework-based build configurations: select the linkage type for the Flex framework components included in the build configuration dependencies. (The set of available options depends on the build configuration type.)
new or Alt+Insert Use this icon or shortcut to add another dependency. Select:
  • Build Configuration to add a dependency on a build configuration that generates a library or a runtime-loaded module (RLM).

    Note that for Web and desktop applications, the dependencies on RLMs can alternatively be specified on the General tab in the Runtime-loaded modules field. See also, Configuring dependencies for modular applications.

  • New Library to add a dependency on third-party libraries. Select the libraries of interest in the dialog that opens.
  • Project or Global Library to add a dependency on a global or project library. Select the libraries of interest in the Choose Libraries dialog.
delete or Alt+DeleteUse this icon or shortcut to remove the selected dependency.
edit1 Click this icon to edit the selected third-party library in the Configure Library dialog.
Last modified: 6 March 2018

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