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Tapestry View

This feature is only supported in the Ultimate edition.

In this view, you can browse your Tapestry application not in terms of classes and templates but in terms of pages, components, services, etc.

This section covers the following features:

General Description

This view is available to every project that has at least one web module with Tapestry support. It can be accessed like any other project view from the View as selection box.

The view let's you browse your Tapestry modules in a tree structure that shows you all Tapestry elements like pages and components.


Structured View of the Application

Each element in the Tapestry View has a different icon so that it's easy to identify the type of element:

Library library A Tapestry library.

By default you will have two library nodes, one for your application and the other of the provided core library.

Page tapestry page A Tapestry page.

You can navigate to the page class or template from here.

Component tapestry component A Tapestry component.
You can navigate to the component class or template from here.
Mixin tapestry mixin A Tapestry mixin.
You can navigate to the mixin class from here.

The title bar context menu (1) provides additional functionality that will also help each user customize it's look&feel. Some options are also available from the list that opens when you click the viewMode.png button (2).

tapestry structuredView

Below is a description of menu items that are specific for Tapestry.

Show From Base PackageOnly Show Content From the Application Base Package
Group Element FilesGroup Element Files Like it's Class and Template in a Parent Node.
Show LibrariesShow/Hide Tapestry Libraries.
Last modified: 6 March 2018

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