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The Property Inspector window shows properties for the component currently selected in the form workspace, or the form itself if no components exist or none are selected.

In this section you will find information about the groups of properties, context menu commands, and types of editors.

The Inspector has two groups of properties, as shown in the following figure:

Upper groupThe shaded properties at the top of the Inspector are proprietary to IntelliJ IDEA; they are mainly used to control the layout constraints of the components for the given layout. These properties are layout-specific and depend on the layout of the container where the component is placed.
Lower groupThis group is not shaded and contains properties of the selected Swing component. There are two levels of properties: Basic and Expert. The Expert level can be toggled on and off using the Show Expert Properties checkbox in the bottom line of the Inspector. Refer to Sun documentation for the Swing libraries.

The context menu of each property provides the following commands:

ItemKeyboard ShortcutDescription
Quick JavadocCtrl+QOpens related API documentation for the selected property, provided that the necessary paths are added to the API docs in the Project Settings.
Jump to SourceF4Opens in the editor the source code of the class that contains the selected property.
Restore Default ValueThis command is enabled for the modified properties only.

Several types of property editors appear in the Value column of the inspector:

  • Text field: Type a value.
  • Pick list: Pick a value from a drop-down list of valid choices.
  • Checkbox: Set value for Boolean type properties.
  • Dialog: Presents an ellipsis button which opens a dialog box.
Last modified: 24 July 2018

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