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J2ME Page

This page is available only for J2ME modules and provides JAD/JAM file settings depending on the selected J2ME SDK (WTK or DoJa). You can change these settings later in the Project Structure dialog (Project Structure | Module | Mobile Module Settings).

In this section:


MIDlet-NameIn this text box, specify the MIDlet suite name (corresponds to the JAD MIDlet-Name property). This option is necessary to identify MIDlet suite on a device.
MIDlet-JAR-URLIn this text box, specify the MIDlet JAR location. This option is also necessary to identify MIDlet suite on a device. The JAR file will be installed from the location MIDlet-JAR-URL afterward. You can specify the location manually, or click the ellipsis button and select the necessary location in the dialog that opens.
MIDlet-VendorIn this text box, specify the MIDlet vendor name, that is, the MIDlet suite provider.
MIDlet-VersionIn this text box, specify your MIDlet version number.
Keep user-defined JAD fileSelect this checkbox to preserve the JAD file (with settings specified above) to the project.


AppNameIn this text box, type the application name (50 bytes maximum).
PackageUrlIn this text box, specify the URL address to access the application. Make sure the URL is an ASCII-format string. Also, an IP address cannot be specified directly.
Keep user defined JAM fileSelect this checkbox to add the JAM file containing settings specified above to the project.
Last modified: 24 July 2018

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