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Set Up a New Project

This topic describes how to set up a new project with Osmorc. Please take a look at Importing an Eclipse Workspace, if you want to import an existing Eclipse workspace intoIntelliJ IDEA.

From this section you will learn how to activate Osmorc for a module. Nothing about the creation of projects and modules which will use Osmorc is Osmorc-specific. So create them just like you would create any other IntelliJ IDEA projects and modules.

Osmorc is activated in a module via the dedicated Osmorc facet.

Adding the Osmorc facet to a module

  • Add the facet explicitly.
    1. In the root folder of your module, create a META-INF folder.
    2. In the META-INF folder, create a manifest file MANIFEST.MF.
    3. Add at least the following two headers to the MANIFEST.MF manifest file:
      • Bundle-ManifestVersion
      • Bundle-SymbolicName

      IntelliJ IDEA will now recognize the Osmorc facet for the module and will propose to add it. Confirm the addition.

  • Have the facet detected automatically.

Now you can start working on your OSGI application. Change your manifest files to export and import packages and Osmorc will create corresponding dependencies between the IntelliJ IDEA modules.

You may also want to take a look at the Settings-part of this documentation to learn how to define and use framework instances.

Last modified: 24 July 2018

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