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File | Project Structure | Modules
Ctrl+Shift+Alt+S | Modules
icons general projectStructure svg | Modules

When you select the Modules category in the Project Structure dialog, a hierarchical view of existing module groups, modules, facets and, for Flash modules, build configurations is shown in the element selector pane. (Facets and build configurations are shown as module elements.)

project structure modules

Use the toolbar icons, context menu commands or keyboard shortcuts to manage the sets of elements shown (see below).

To view or edit the settings for an element (module, facet or build configuration), select the element of interest, and use the page to the right of the selector pane.

In this section:

Toolbar icons, context menu commands and shortcuts





icons general add svg



Create a new module, facet, or, for a Flash module, a new build configuration.

icons general remove svg



Delete the selected element (module, facet, etc.).

icons actions copy svg


Create a copy of the selected module, or, for a Flash module, a copy of a build configuration.

Find Usages


Find usages of the selected module, facet or build configuration in the project.

Hide Module Groups

If there are module groups: hide or show the module groups. See Group modules.

Expand All

Ctrl+NumPad Plus

Expand all the tree nodes to see their contents.

icons actions collapseall svg

Collapse All

Ctrl+NumPad -

Collapse all the tree nodes and show only the top-level nodes.

Move Module to Group

This is an "entry point command" for grouping your modules and working with module groups.

Last modified: 17 October 2019