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Seam Tool Window

View | Tool Windows | Seam

The Seam tool window provides a structured view of your Seam resources. These include annotated Java classes, the appropriate xml files, and the libraries referenced in your Seam components.

The resources are grouped by modules. The modules are the top hierarchical elements in the tree view.

You can expand and collapse the nodes in the tree view, access the dependency diagrams for your Seam components, and open the elements shown in the tool window in the editor.


Use the toolbar buttons to expand and collapse the nodes in the tree view.





icons actions expandall svg

Expand All

Ctrl+NumPad Plus

Click this button to expand all the nodes.

icons actions collapseall svg

Collapse All

Ctrl+NumPad -

Click this button to collapse all the nodes.

Context menu



Show Seam Components Dependencies

Use this command to open the diagram that shows the Seam components and dependencies between them for a selected module.

Opening elements in the editor

You can open the elements shown in the Seam tool window in the editor. To do that, select the element of interest and press F4.

To open the elements which are the "leaves" of the tree (i. e. the ones at the bottom of the hierarchy), you can also use a double click.

Last modified: 17 October 2019