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AspectJ Facet Page

File | Project Structure | Modules | <module> | AspectJ
File | Project Structure | Facets | AspectJ (<module>)

The page is available only if the AspectJ plugins are enabled. For more information, see AspectJ.

On this page, you can:

  • Specify that the AspectJ compiler ajc should be used only for post-compile weaving.

  • Specify the ajc command-line option aspectpath for the module.



Post-compile weave mode

If you select this checkbox, javac is used to compile the source code. Then, ajc is used to weave the compiled class files. As a result, the overall process takes less time.

IMPORTANT: Don't select this checkbox if there are .aj aspects in the module. That is, you should select this checkbox only if all the aspects are defined as @Aspect-annotated Java classes (in java files).

Aspect path

Use the available controls to form the aspectpath for the module.

icons general add Alt+Insert. Use this icon or shortcut to add libraries and other modules. Select the necessary libraries and modules in the dialog that opens. (To choose from, dependencies of the module are suggested.)

icons general remove Alt+Delete. Use this icon or shortcut to remove the selected items from the list.

icons actions previousOccurence Alt+Up. Use this icon or shortcut to move the selected item one line up in the list.

icons actions nextOccurence Alt+Down. Use this icon or shortcut to move the selected item one line down in the list.

Last modified: 26 April 2020