IntelliJ IDEA 2019.3 Help

Supported languages

Development of modern applications involves using multiple programming languages, tools, and technologies. IntelliJ IDEA was designed as a Java IDE, but it can be extended using plugins to support development with almost any popular language. For some of those programming languages JetBrains provides separate IDEs, which are based on the IntelliJ platform and only include features specific to the language.

Coding assistance in IntelliJ IDEA includes:

Besides coding assistance, IntelliJ IDEA also supports language-specific tools for building, running, testing, and deploying applications.

JVM languages

Use IntelliJ IDEA to develop applications in Java and other popular languages that can be compiled into JVM bytecode.

Other languages

Use plugins to extend IntelliJ IDEA language support if your project includes some code in other languages. However, if it is your main development language, consider using a dedicated IDE.

Last modified: 26 April 2020